You’ll Catch Aerosmith in a Couple Years? “Dream On” As Farewell Tour Is Here

JuliusKielaitis /
JuliusKielaitis /

As the last weekend of April rolled around people in major cities across the US were greeted with flashes of the band’s historic winged logo in random locations. Accompanied by the words “Peace Out” in their signature cursive, they left many people wondering what was going on. On May 1st the bad identified the reason behind the viral marketing.

In a joint statement, the band said “It’s not goodbye it’s PEACE OUT! Get ready and walk this way, you’re going to get the best show of our lives.”

In the same release, they also addressed the elephant in the room. Following his failed 2020 lawsuit where he claimed he was being excluded from the group, founding drummer Joey Kramer will not be joining the band. “While Joey Kramer remains a beloved founding member of Aerosmith, he has regrettably made the decision to sit out the currently scheduled touring dates to focus his full attention on his family and health. Joey’s unmistakable and legendary presence behind the drum kit will be sorely missed.”

Given all the packed houses they generated during their recent Las Vegas residency, the band should have no trouble selling out arenas across the US and Canada. With a special homecoming show scheduled for Boston on NYE, the band will end the year on a high note. With the subtle nods to the greatness that made this band so legendary in their announcement, they have again proven why they draw people in. However, unlike KISS or AC/DC the band has roundly said when they call it quits, that will be the true end of the tour machine.