You Won’t Believe How Much it Costs to Charge a Hummer

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marekuliasz /

If you know anything about electric vehicles, it’s likely that they are viewed as the transportation of the future. Given soaring gas prices and the ongoing push for everything to “go green,” everyone is talking about switching to electric.

But as a few new EV owners are learning, electric may not be quite the solution we are all looking for.

For starters, they cost much more right out of the gate than most of their gas-guzzling counterparts. Secondly, and likely, a deal breaker for many drivers is that charging them isn’t any more cost-efficient than filling up at the pump.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Enter Kyle Conner, who runs the Out of Spec Reviews YouTube channel. On November 10, Conner posted a video to his channel of him charging a Hummer EV Edition 1. The car’s 200-kWh battery was pretty much completely dead, noted to have a zero percent charge. Conner charged it to 100 percent.

And the cost was $96.32 – before taxes were added. As you know, those taxes would have3 brought the total to charge this vehicle to more than $100. To put this into perspective, my 2009 GMC Sierra – a full-sized, gas-guzzling truck – costs about the same to completely fill with regular unleaded gasoline.

As Connor noted, this is the first “production EV, passenger EV, that cost more than $100 t charge.”

Now, it’s noted that if you buy an Electrify America Pass, you can get a lower rate, knocking the price down to around $70. But you still have to pay the monthly $4 for such a pass.

It is also important to point out that even getting your hands on such a vehicle will cost you more than some homes. Thanks to low supply and high demand, these Hummers usually cost around $100,000, with some paying more than $200,000.

And when it comes to maintenance, things don’t get any cheaper.

According to The Western Journal, it can cost over $8,000 just to get a taillight replaced. And should you need a new battery… well, that will run you about $30,000.

Not sounding like such a good deal after all, is it?