Worth Suing Over? The Truth of Boneless Wings

Brent Hofacker / shutterstock.com
Brent Hofacker / shutterstock.com

Chicken wings are just that – the wings of a chicken. Boneless wings are just chunks of chicken that are fried and sauced like wings. Only, there’s no bone to contend with.

If you’ve ever enjoyed chicken wings, you know that the bone is an integral process. It’s not something you can simply remove. Instead, you gnaw in and around the bone. It’s not glamorous, but it is what it is.

Obviously, boneless chicken wings aren’t something you’ll find in nature. It’s not the same kind of process as seedless watermelon.

A man by the name of Aimen Halim is suing Buffalo Wild Wings for “false and deceptive marketing.” After all, they had the audacity to claim that they offered “boneless wings” when, in fact, they were actually chicken nuggets.

Based on the menu description, Halim assumed he was buying deboned wings.

As the lawsuit states, which was filed with a district court in Illinois, “Unbeknownst to Plaintiff and other consumers, the Products are not wings at all, but instead, slices of chicken breast meat deep-fried like wings.”

Well, it’s still white-meat chicken, right?

And have you actually ever had a deboned chicken wing? If you look around the country, there are COUNTLESS restaurants that offer boneless wings – and these are all nuggets.

Of course, there are a few places that simply say, “boneless chicken” or “chicken poppers.”

There’s no telling whether Halim will win this case or not. If he wins (and it’s entirely possible because this is the kind of society we live in), it could open up many other lawsuits around the country.

If you’re a restaurant owner, it might be a good idea to review your menu. If things are not as they seem, it might be time to give them a new name. Otherwise, your restaurant could be the next to get slapped with a lawsuit.