Women’s Bicycle Racing Is Now the Latest Home for Males Who Can’t Cut It as Men

Adam Hodges / shutterstock.com
Adam Hodges / shutterstock.com

The battle for dominance in sports is always an ongoing struggle. For women’s athletics, these fights for the top position often go underreported. Now, with the introduction invasion of transgender “athletes” into their ranks has shaken these sports to their very core. From swimming to track and field (in and outdoor), weightlifting, and marathon running, the number of transgender women athletes has grown by leaps and bounds.

Most famously, the story of Lia Thomas who was born William Thomas is a tale of a new athlete who shattered women’s swimming records as soon as he broke on the scene. He instantly went to the top of the leaderboard for the University of Pennsylvania after cresting at 462nd in the men’s rankings over the previous three years.

Professional cycling has also had a massive rush of mediocre male competitors who are suddenly at the top of the pack in the women’s divisions. Jilian Bearden (born as Jonathan Bearden) recognized the differences after his success. At the Tour de Tucson in 2016 he took first place by an enormous margin. According to the Denver Post, he said “I went from 16 minutes to 26, 27, 28 minutes. I was like holy … Testosterone gives you this drive, this oomph, and I didn’t have that push.”

As a result, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) dropped the allowable testosterone levels from 5 nmol/l to 2.5 nmol/l back in 2022. While a good change, women still don’t have the stamina, strength, physique, bone density, or oxygen saturation that men have, even when the testosterone is dropped down. This is strongly reflected on the track.

In New Zealand, a “transgender” mountain biker tried out for and made the women’s team despite trying out for and failing to make the grade for the men’s team weeks prior. This allowed him to snag the women’s title in Wanaka. After this happened in 2018, the racer told The New Zealand Herald “If everyone’s not happy then maybe everyone’s not doing their best racing.”

This level of false bravado and confidence leaves a lot to be desired in a competitor. He knows what he is doing is wrong, and unfair to the biological women he is competing against. Yet he is still insistent that he be allowed to compete as a woman and back when it happened many of his teammates were very confused about his ability to become eligible for the women’s division with no cooling off time.

Other stories like Rachel McKinnon who set a blisteringly fast world record for women’s cycling in the 35-39 bracket during the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England. Also, you cannot forget about Tiffany Thomas who never started cycling until his mid-40s. He entered an NYC cycling race as a woman and earned a spot on team LA Sweat against women who were all 32 or younger. Women who had been training for decades.

Back in March, World Athletics recognized the need for change and they have banned biological males from competing in the women’s divisions. “In these circumstances, the Council decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.” Their press release sends a message to men everywhere, but they also stand nearly alone in a forest of liberal smugness and extremists who refuse to upset the apple cart.

This isn’t an easily fixed problem, and it’s one of many topics the liberal left refuses to admit there is a problem with. Instead, they would rather blame conservatives for calling a spade a spade. By denying biological women their own identity and competitions, the leftist-led women’s liberation was all for nothing. Make these males compete against other biological males, or simply give them their own division.

Just don’t let them destroy the biological women’s accomplishments because they came up short as men. It’s not these ladies’ fault they don’t stack up.