Women Go After Biden on Gun Control

Mendenhall Olga / shutterstock.com
Mendenhall Olga / shutterstock.com

Suppose you watched or just listened to just a few minutes of Sleepy Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last Tuesday. In that case, you will know that it basically praised his administration as the saviors of a nation spiraling toward disaster. But as a few women have made sure to point out since then, the Biden White House has no real intention of saving anyone, let alone the American people.

The women responded to a massively un-American proposition made by Biden during the SOTU, in which he suggested that we “ban assault weapons, once and for all.” He made this remark after lifting up Brandon Tsay, the brave young man who recently and rather successfully stopped the mass carnage that would have been another mass shooting at a dance venue in Alhambra, California, by the Monterey Park shooter.

As Biden correctly noted, “He saved lives.” But then, he went on to suggest that the only way we could do the “same” is to ban “assault weapons.”

He then noted that he was a major player back in 1994 when the Democrats in charge implemented a 10-year ban on the same type of firearm. According to him, mass shooting occurrences went way down as a result. And as soon as “a Republican administration let that ban expire, they tripled.

Now, for anyone uneducated enough to believe Biden, it only sounds reasonable that such a law should be reinstated, right?

But what if, like so many other things, Biden wasn’t telling the truth, or at least not the whole truth?

Thankfully, there are a few women who know the truth, as well as their rights, and are willing to fight for both.

This particular group of women and mothers came together to create a video, which the NRA posted on its Twitter account on Wednesday.

In the video, the women explain that an assault weapons ban 1) wouldn’t have prevented this particular mass shooting, 2) didn’t actually do any good, and 3) would only put law-abiding citizens and families at risk.

For starters, it’s important to note that the firearm the Monterey Park shooter used was a handgun, so even if an assault weapons ban went into effect, this guy and his choice of weapon wouldn’t have been affected.

Secondly, they explain that in 1994 when the US government banned what are called assault weapons, murder rates did not, in fact, go down. In reality, data source after data source proves that it actually went up by some 20 percent.

People couldn’t use automatic or semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s to kill others. So what? Many other things can be used as weapons, including your son’s baseball bat, your mother’s kitchen knives, and even your husband’s hammer.

In fact, according to the FBI’s data, all of these things are used far more often than guns to take a life or cause harm. Why? Because, as it turns out, crime is usually about opportunity. People will literally use whatever they can get their hands on.

And lastly, refusing to allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves with firearms of nearly any kind will only put more of us at risk.

As one woman holding her child and an AR-15 in the video says, “Tell that to the pregnant mother who saved her kids with an AR-15.”

As others explain, these so-called assault weapons are owned by some 30 million law-abiding Americans. They are used for sport; they are used for hunting. And, yes, they are most definitely used for self-defense. And in many cases, they are the only thing standing between a bad guy and the death of an innocent.

As more than a few women can attest to, when put toe to toe with a larger, more powerful, or faster assailant, guns are the ultimate equalizer. Without them, hundreds of thousands of women would be left vulnerable and without a way to fairly defend themselves.

Does Biden really want their lives on his conscious?