Woke Poster is Snuck into New Spider-Man Trailer

Alexander Tolstykh / shutterstock.com
Alexander Tolstykh / shutterstock.com

Children’s videos and shows are supposed to be entertaining, right? And maybe a bit educational. One could also say they can do a lot to shape a child’s future, gently nudging them in the right direction and encouraging good moral behavior.

Maybe that’s why we are seeing so much of the opposite being put into children’s films now.

Take the upcoming and animated Spider-Man film, for example.

During the trailer, one might assume that all is well. But if watched closely, there are a couple of subtle messages that suggest a woke and leftist presence.

The most damaging and harmful comes at about minute two of the trailer. Above a non-suspecting bedroom door hangs a transgender flag that reads “PROTECT TRANS KIDS.”

If you missed it, you weren’t the only one to be sure. In fact, it’s so inconspicuously included that I doubt a great many people noticed it. But it’s there, encouraging kids to go as woke as possible.

Thankfully, Twitter caught the subtle message, which is no doubt only meant to influence our young and impressionable.

Here’s the trailer to check out for yourself. Make sure to pause it at the 2:01 mark.

Now, if you just watched that trailer, you might have noticed one more subtle, left-leaning hint. It comes in at the 0:35 mark. Here you can see a Black Lives Matter sticker.

It’s attached to the backpack of Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man. Because the white Peter Parker isn’t woke enough anymore. To replace him is a half-black, half-Puerto Rican teenager who apparently has all the right boxes checked.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with this character’s race or heritage. We just find it a bit odd that they had to replace a white guy or that they couldn’t have just given this character his own, not already taken, superhero gig.

We might also not be surprised that he’s toting a backpack flaunting BLM, entering rooms encouraging trans lifestyles in American youth. Hell, at this rate, he probably is also pro-abortion, anti-gun, half-gay, and watches CNN.

And none of those things should be included in a movie aimed to entertain children as young as three years old. It’s clear many on social media agree. Check out these comments: