Why Music Star Dierks Bentley Turned Down Working in Hollywood

Debby Wong / shutterstock.com
Debby Wong / shutterstock.com

For most celebrities, it’s all about how much they can earn and how popular they can become. And unfortunately, far too many end up sacrificing their traditional values and roots to do it.

However, that is not the case for country music superstar Dierks Bentley. In fact, it’s the main reason why he has yet to accept the many TV and movie opportunities he’s been given.

According to Bentley, who kicks off his 28-city “Gravel & Gold” tour on Thursday, accepting even one of those gigs would require him to lose precious time with his wife and three children. Plus, who wants to spend time in the increasingly dangerous city of Los Angeles instead of Nashville, Tennessee?

As Bentley told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, “It requires, like, more time away from home, and I just, I don’t want to.”

He explained that over the years, he’s had a few opportunities to audition for a number of roles, including one for Larry David. But he decided not to. “Because again, I’m like, ‘Oh, if I get it, I don’t really want to go to LA.’”

And who could blame him? Over the past decade or so, things in LA have only gotten worse with continued Democratic leadership, soft-on-crime policies, and Biden’s wide-open borders. The place is practically crawling with homeless and drug addicts.

Besides, as Bentley has clearly displayed, he’s “got a great gig. I love what I do.”

Over the years, Bentley has consistently been topping the charts with No. 1 songs. To date, he has 21, as well as a membership in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Undoubtedly, all that has required him to spend some time away from his family. And so, in his free time, he wants to make sure his family gets to be as down-to-earth and normal as possible. And if that means no TV shows or the like, so be it.