Why Jane Fonda Was Just Reported to Capitol Police

Andrea Raffin / shutterstock.com
Andrea Raffin / shutterstock.com

You might know Jane Fonda as a former actress who lit up the screen with big hair and those beautiful baby blues. But did you know she was just reported to Capitol Police for her far-left ideas?

It’s true.

Her crime is incitement to violence, murder, to be exact.

It all came about last Friday when Fonda was featured on “The View,” an already left-leaning ABC show. Fonda and the show’s hosts were discussing abortion and, naturally, the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court.

Fonda, as an avid pro-abortion activist, is furious about the walk back. But unlike most, she’s near homicidal about the whole thing.

When asked what American women should do to protest or in response to the overturn and restrictions on abortion, Fonda said, “I’ve thought of murder.”

And later on in the discussion, she repeated this suggestion, as if killing off pro-life and Republican political figures was a reasonable thing to do.

She said, “We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.”

Now, of course, since then, and the undoubted backlash she’s seen on social media, Fonda has said she was using “hyperbole,” according to the Independent.

But not everyone is so sure. Plus, that’s neither an apology nor much of a clarification.

And according to Florida Republican and pro-life Representative Anna Paulina Luna, it’s outright dangerous.

In fact, it’s seen as so dangerous that Luna has officially reported Fonda and her remarks to the Capitol Police.

She wrote on her Twitter account, “I have notified Capitol Police of Jane Fonda’s call to murder pro-life politicians. I am a pro-life member of Congress. As she did not retract or clarify that she was “joking” with her statement, we are taking this threat as a serious one.”

Luna additionally called out both “The View” and ABC for allowing the statement to not only be aired but also to offer not even a hint of an apology or retraction.

As she correctly explained, such calls for violence, whether meant as “hyperbole” or not, can quite easily be taken as a call to action by certain individuals.

After all, that’s what the political left has been insisting Trump did when he encouraged Republicans to come to Washington and make themselves heard. The last three years have been chocked full of allegations that Trump was inciting violence and the January 6 protests.

And he didn’t even use the words violence or murder.

Fonda did. And as Luna says, new threats have already been made to her office.

Thankfully, she pointed out both on her Twitter account and to Fox News Jesse Watters that the Capitol Police take these kinds of things “very seriously,” just as they should. And so she has no doubt that the department will soon, if they haven’t already, be reaching out to Fonda and investigating her “threat.”

Luna noted that because of their position, those within Congress are already at more of a threat than some. And women in Congress even more so. The tendency for congressional women to be targeted and stalked is already far higher than it is for their “male counterparts.”

And Fonda’s remarks won’t help. As women, Fonda and The View members should be ashamed of themselves for putting more lives at risk.

Hopefully, the Capitol Police do, in fact, contact Fonda and chastise her for her incitement. Some federal charges might be nice too. But I don’t expect as much. Unfortunately, it will likely take some actual violence before something is done.