Why Does John Fetterman Sound So Much Like Biden?

AF Branco / Creators.com

If you caught the debate between Fetterman and Oz for the senate seat in Pennsylvania, you may find yourself asking yourself why Fetterman sounds so much like Biden. And if you’re worried about the way that the race is going to turn out, you should absolutely be asking this question.

Fetterman has been struggling lately, and part of that is because of a stroke. He isn’t capable of cohesive speech – and yet Biden has gone on and on about what a great candidate he is.

Many want Fetterman to be transparent about his recovery from a stroke that happened months ago. It’s clear that he hasn’t fully recovered, and it’s questionable that he’s even staying on the ballot.

But why should it be an issue? Biden is clearly suffering from dementia, but he’s allowed to be the president. So, why can’t we have a senator that doesn’t know which way is up?

Terry Madonna is a longtime pollster in Pennsylvania who is also a political science professor. She said that the campaign likely thought that it would garner sympathy for Fetterman to go through with the debate. Instead, “Everybody in Pennsylvania this morning has been writing and talking about how he got confused, how he couldn’t complete sentences, how he used wrong words. It was clear he should not have been onstage at the debate.”

It sounds like what people say once Biden is done with a speech, too. Only Fetterman doesn’t have a White House press secretary to translate what he meant.

Do we need another Biden in DC? No, and it’s the very reason why Mehmet Oz is currently leading in the polls.