What the 5 Dirtiest Cities in America Have in Common

Georgii Shipin / shutterstock.com
Georgii Shipin / shutterstock.com

When looking at the nation’s five “dirtiest” cities, you’d expect there to be several commonalities – you know, things like dense populations, heavy pollution, and poor infrastructure. But as a recent LawnStarter survey reveals, they also have one other thing in common: it has nothing to do with general living conditions.

Instead, all five of America’s top five dirtiest cities of the year are also, yep, you guessed it, Democratically run.

Now, seeing as there are only two major political parties in the US, it’s pretty much a given that at least a few of these cities would be run by democrats. It’s just the odds of 50-50, right?

But for all five to be operated by the Democratic Party and their agenda items? Now, that’s just sad – and rather telling, if you ask me.

So let’s go through the nation’s dirtiest cities.

As the survey said, over 150 of the country’s biggest cities were compared across four categories: pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.

And the top five ranked miserably in all four categories.

At the top of the list, coming in as America’s “dirtiest” city of the year, is Houston, Texas. As the nation’s fourth-largest city in terms of population, this isn’t all that surprising. But apparently, the city’s need for a major remodel isn’t very high on Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner’s docket.

Next on the list is Newark, New Jersey.

Again, as LawnStarter noted, this might not be all that surprising, given that it is the most populous city in The Garden State, home to about 300,000 people all clamoring for space. Then again, with a mayor whose been at the helm since 2014, you’d think things would get better, not worse, right?

But Mayor Ras Baraka seems to have other things on his mind. Clearly, he takes after his predecessor Luis Quintana, who followed in the footsteps of now-Democratic Senator Cory Booker.

As this spells out, the city has been under Democratic control for decades now. And yet, the only things getting better are the bank accounts of its city officials. The residents, on the other hand, continue to live in squalor.

San Bernardino, California, takes the survey’s number three “dirtiest” spot. And while the mayor, Helen Tran, recently won her election on an unaffiliated candidate campaign, it’s clear there are some major affiliations. You know, like the fact that she’s actually a registered Democrat, and the San Bernardino County’s Democratic Party endorsed her.

Naturally, Detroit, Michigan, also made LawnStarter’s list. The dying Motor City has been in disrepair for decades now, just about as long as it has been a Democratic stronghold, in fact.

You’d think that a city whose misery and dilapidated state are known nationwide would be an incentive for any mayor of any political persuasion to clean it up a bit. But Democrat Mike Duggan seems to have other ideas.

Rounding out the list is Jersey City, New Jersey, coming in as the nation’s fifth “dirtiest” city. Mayor Steven Fulop runs things about the same way Ras Baraka does over in Newark. And it’s really no surprise. After all, Fulop and Baraka are friends, with Fulop even endorsing Baraka back in 2014 when he took over Newark and continued to run it into the ground.

And that means Jersey City is just as polluted, populated, and full of poor living conditions as the state’s other largest city.

Of course, it isn’t exactly a good look for New Jersey as a whole, either. I mean, what are the odds of having one of the smallest states in the union having not one but two of the nation’s dirtiest cities?

Well, I guess, if they are democratically-ran, pretty high…