What Really Happened During Johnny Depp’s First Appearance Since Heard Trial

Tom Rose / shutterstock.com
Tom Rose / shutterstock.com

Johnny Depp may be a fan favorite for Pirates of the Caribbean lovers. But for those in Hollywood, as well as mainstream media, he’s a bit of an outcast – or at least he has been since his all too publicized defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

If you remember much about that trial, it was ridiculous. Depp was essentially dragged through the mud over unfounded claims that he abused Heard.

In the end, the court deemed him innocent and Heard a liar. But, of course, that didn’t stop the political left and progressive Hollywood from basically blacklisting him. And apparently, they still aren’t done.

It’s just a shame that the truth had to get in the way of their lies again.

You see, Depp just made his first public appearance since the whole Heard trial. Like any good actor, he just traveled to Cannes to promote his newest film, “Jeanne du Barry.”

And according to leftist-driven media outlets such as The Daily Beast, “Everything About Johnny Depp at Cannes Was an Embarrassing Disaster.”

Of course, that’s not exactly the whole truth.

According to the outlet, the film wasn’t all that good – and neither was Depp’s role in it. In fact, they even called Depp a “nonentity” in the “most pro-French monarchy movie you’ll ever see.” They also labeled the film as “Confusing? Misguided?”

And yet, the Beast was also forced to admit that “All these issues didn’t stop the audience at the premiere from apparently loving the film.” In fact, Depp himself even received an “ecstatic” standing ovation that lasted for over seven minutes, according to Variety.

So once again, MSM and the political left have tried to claim that Depp isn’t worth anyone’s time, that he’s a bad man or something.

But even they can’t help but admit that despite all of that, he’s still beloved, he’s still living life, and he’s still making a name for himself in the best of ways, unlike that of his ex.