Wait, Chromosomes DON’T Determine Sex? Check Out This Unicorn

Eugenia Porechenskaya / shutterstock.com
Eugenia Porechenskaya / shutterstock.com

Throughout our entire education, we have learned that sex is determined by various chromosomes. It’s part of our DNA – which is why it’s so baffling when the liberal media says that gender (which is tied to sex) is somehow fluid.

And now, there’s a “gender unicorn” going around on the university level to tell us that what we learned in high school is all wrong.

Oklahoma State University is looking to shed some light on the topic – and they make it fun with a unicorn to be the one to break it down for everyone. The university hosts a “Safe Zone Allyship” seminar through the Division of Institutional Diversity.

The free workshop works to “identify and educate” the allies of the LGBTQ community across the campus. The intent is to create more allies” across the campus. And Allies don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ community. They simply become educated on the issues and “believes all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions should be acknowledged and supported.”

Apparently, part of that means throwing all of your previous teachings about how sex is determined right out the window.

The Trans Student Equality Resources made an infographic to make it easier to understand – and that features a gender unicorn that shares details about gender identity and gender expression. And if you look closely at the infographic, you will see a spiral of DNA in the place where its genitalia would be.

Confused? Perhaps this infographic will help:

There’s really no telling what students will be exposed to at the university level these days.