UFO Reports are High…But Are They Real?

IgorZh / shutterstock.com
IgorZh / shutterstock.com

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s an unidentified flying object!

UFOs get a bad reputation simply because everyone assumes that you’re talking about a spaceship. UFOs are anything that is flying around in our atmosphere that is unidentified. This could be anything from a weather balloon to a Chinese spy drone to an actual spaceship from a faraway galaxy.

The U.S. government has logged 510 UFO reports in 2022 – and that’s triple what was logged in 2021.

Perhaps what’s more intriguing about all of this is that over 200 are “unidentified anomalous phenomena” or UAP. Essentially, they don’t know what it is. It remains unidentified.

We’re living in a world where we have NASA able to send rovers across Mars and yet we can’t identify something in our own atmosphere? That seems to be a bit questionable.

Is it possible that the government is identifying the UFOs but they don’t want to tell us for fear of mass hysteria? Of course.

The question becomes this: What are the UFOs?

Many of the reports come from pilots in the U.S. Navy and Air Force. They report something unidentified as they’re flying – and they often have photos. Most are balloons or drones or even birds. However, some have left more than a few pilots questioning everything they believe in. They talk of how the UFO was capable of making calculated direction changes or sped off faster than anything they have ever seen before.

If there are UFOs, meaning alien aircraft, we’re not hearing about any of them landing (or crashing). With everyone having a smartphone in their hands and capable of live-streaming, we’d see a landing. We’d see evidence of aliens on earth. We’re not seeing any of that.

As such, alien aircraft are unlikely.

The Director of National Intelligence documents has been delivered to Congress for further investigation. The report explains, “UAP continue to represent a hazard to flight safety and pose a possible adversary collection threat.”

The next time you see something in the night sky, it’s likely not aliens. Instead, it’s the unknown spying capabilities of a rival country. And that should terrify you even more than ET coming in for a brief landing.