Tulsi Gabbard’s Truth Bomb is a Win for the GOP

Crush Rush / shutterstock.com

Tulsi Gabbard is the former Representative of Hawaii who has recently taken an IDGAF attitude when she speaks in public. She doesn’t care that her voter registration card identifies her as a Democrat. She’s going to wave the BS flag whenever she wants.

And that’s what she did right before announcing that she was resigning from the Democratic Party – or in her words, the “elitist cabal.”

Just before her announcement, she pointed out how Democrats used to stand for fairness and inclusiveness. Yet, now, they have become intolerant of every opinion that is outside of their own – and she’s done with it all.

She focused on how the liberal policies are so soft on crime that they have completely disregarded the federal laws on immigration. And there has been significant repression of cultural and political aspects of American life, too.

On YouTube, The Tulsi Gabbard Show offers some very eye-opening insights into the Democratic Party.

Gabbard explains, “I love our country. The God-given rights to freedom, life, as well as liberty as enshrined by the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights are what motivate me.”

It’s as if she has just given every moderate conservative a big hug with those words. It’s nice to hear that there are some politicians who still believe such things.

Gabbard may be onto something – and she’s had enough common sense to dismiss herself from the progressive fringe that has seemed to swallow up the Democratic Party. It’s become the party of “Yes, man” and those who have differing opinions are ridiculed.

Are we seeing the demise of the Democratic Party or a transformation into a state-sponsored machine? Only time will tell.