Trump Focuses on a Thanksgiving Rollout for His Presidential Campaign

Evan El-Amin /

Over the past several months, we’ve seen Donald Trump do a lot of fundraising and public speaking. He’s been traveling all over the country to promote various GOP candidates for the midterm elections – either for Congress or for gubernatorial races.

But what about Trump as a candidate?

Donald Trump still holds the limelight. And in many polls, it shows that he still holds the favor of many Republicans. If he were placed head-to-head with other GOP candidates in the primaries, he’d likely be favored over Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, and others.

We’ve been wondering if and when he was going to announce that he’s going to run. The problem is, doing so before the midterm elections could be suicide for many of the Republicans. Especially with so many on the left calling Trump supporters “ultra MAGA” and even “semi-fascist.”

The moment that the midterm elections are over, it is rumored that Trump will, in fact, be announcing a presidential bid. This means that he will be working with his team to ramp up a campaign that will roll out just in time for Thanksgiving.

Kellyanne Conway is his former campaign manager. And considering they have had a public reconciliation; it is highly likely that she’ll be running things again. She’s even said as much with a sly comment to CBS News that “I think once those midterms are done, President Trump can assess the timing of his announcement.”

There are obviously a few important steps that are lined up. Step one: secure the GOP majority for the House. Step two: set the country on fire with the announcement that Trump wants back into the White House.