Top Charting Country Artist Re-Enlists in Army Reserves at 59

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When you think of most musicians and artists, you don’t assume they’d be willing to throw all that fame and fortune away easily. But for country music star Craig Morgan, it wasn’t hard at all.

At 59 years old, Morgan just re-enlisted in the US Army Reserves.

He was officially sworn back in on Saturday on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

According to Fox News, Morgan said in a statement, “I’m excited to once again serve my country and be all that I can be in hopes of encouraging others to be part of something greater than ourselves.”

Morgan added that he has loved being a musician. He loves singing, touring, and writing songs. But the truest “privilege and honor” has been to work with his fellow soldiers. And so he’s going back to that.

The already 17-year Army veteran understands that at 59, just a few years shy of the mandatory retirement age of 62, he probably won’t be put right back into combat and missions like he once was in his youth. However, he can still serve.

According to Stars and Stripes, Morgan has always been interested in soldiering, even after being “out.” So, when he noticed that recruitment numbers were getting dangerously low last year, he begged Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn in his home state of Tennessee to let him out.

As Blackburn noted, Morgan will be a huge asset for the Army in terms of recruitment. The hope is that his story, worldwide popularity, and willingness to put the uniform back on after living a life in the spotlight will be an inspiration to young Americans “to put on that uniform and serve their country, help recruit, help build morale.”

She thinks, “It’s awesome.”

Indeed, it is.

As General Andrew Poppas, who administered Morgan’s new oath and is the commander of Army Forces Command, said, “He’s a hell of a patriot.”

For Morgan, he says it will be like going home to see family…