Tim Allen Angers Left with New ‘Right-Wing’ Santa

Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.com
Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.com

Iconic actor Tim Allen is back and he is reprising his role as the jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus. You would think that everyone would be merry about this news, but Allen’s critics are creating a firestorm.

Allen, 69 years old, has been open with his conservative political values in recent years, and left-wing critics everywhere are up in arms that a “right-wing Santa” will be on television screens across the country. It will be a six-part miniseries streaming on Disney+ that is a follow-up to Allen’s 1994 mega-hit movie “The Santa Clause” and the two sequels that followed it.

The critics with their panties all twisted up can’t seem to separate Allen’s fun acting from his political opinions. So many of them have just chosen to dismiss the series with claims that the “right-wing Santa” has ruined the magic of the series.

Most of the complaints come from just one line at the beginning of scene one in episode one. Calvin observes that “saying ‘merry Christmas to all’ has suddenly become problematic.”

Brett White of “Decider” complained, “People should just be able to celebrate the reason for the season but Tim Allen is over here shoving his politics down our chimney!”

And Rick Marshall of “DigitalTrends” wrote, “To suggest [the line] strips the story of some of its charm is an understatement. Right-wing Santa is weird.”

Another round of coal for the Left nuts.