Tiger Woods Gets Slapped with Multiple Lawsuits

Tony Bowler / shutterstock.com
Tony Bowler / shutterstock.com

It seems that Tiger Woods has been doing more than just working on his backswing. He’s also been focused on sexual harassment and sexual assault – or at least that’s what the allegations are.

The golfer has been hit with two lawsuits by his former partner, Erica Herman. She’s seeking financial compensation as well as being released from a nondisclosure agreement that she signed with Woods.

If you caught some of the headlines when the two broke things off last fall, there was quite a bit of excitement. After dating for six years, Herman wants to come clean about what it was really like to date the championship golfer. And it’s not as glamorous as it appeared, even as she stood by his side at various events, including the Majors.

The two had shared a mansion – and upon breaking up, Woods had her locked out.

It didn’t take long for Herman to file lawsuit number one. She wanted $30 million in damages because there was an “oral tenancy agreement” which basically means that she was allowed to stay in the home following a breakup.

The homestead trust that was managed by Woods was also named in the lawsuit. According to Herman, $40,000 was misappropriated and there were “scurrilous and defamatory allegations how she obtained the money.”

Herman believes that she was locked out of the home because of “trickery.” According to her, she was made to believe that she was going on a short vacation and upon arriving at the airport, she was told that she was locked out of the mansion.

Now, for lawsuit number two, it is against Woods directly. She wants to be released from the NDA that was signed when their relationship started in 2017.

Herman is specifically focusing on a new provision that is known as the “Speak Out Act” so that she can speak out about the sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. The act is designed to protect the rights of victims. An attorney in Atlanta, Chris Anulewicz, has said, “I expect that were the law applies, victims will successfully employ the Act to invalidate such NDAs.”

Woods lost quite a bit after the divorce of his wife in 2010. Due to his infidelity, the divorce went down in history as being one of the most expensive celebrity divorces to date.

And this latest relationship may break him once again.