This Might Look Like a Collie, but It’s Not… In fact, It’s Not Even a Dog

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You’ve heard of children pretending to be animals… but a full-grown man with no real known mental health issues?

Well, that’s what seems to be happening in Japan.

There’s a man known only as “Toco” who has gone viral after posting videos of himself going out on the town while disguised in a very realistic dog costume.

It was revealed that this suit, which looks like a collie, cost Toco more than $15,000 last year. And since then, he has made all sorts of public appearances as man’s best friend.

Check out this video from a German TV station taken last year and reuploaded to Toco’s YouTube account in July.

He walks, rolls over, sniffs at other dogs, etc., putting on a show for whoever is around and will watch.

Naturally, no one knows who Toco actually is. According to sources, he is afraid of letting people, especially his friends, know who he really is. They might think he’s weird.

Well, yeah. I think that’s a great possibility.

So far, there is no indication that Toco is dangerous or would cause harm to anyone. Perhaps he just has a weird fetish for pretending to be a canine. After all, to afford such a costume and what I would imagine is a rather expensive hobby, it’s not likely that he’s living on the streets.

Plus, his suit is usually very clean…

However, it might be a rather wise idea to steer clear of this fake collie if you ever see it walking on the sidewalk…