They’re Back: ISIS Terrorist Attack on a Bus in British Columbia

Prazis Images /
Prazis Images /

If you think that things just keep getting worse and worse the longer that Joe Biden is in office, it’s not your imagination. ISIS is back! The terrorist organization that was originally formed by the CIA and Barack Hussein Obama had been running for the hills with President Trump in office. But now they’re back, and one of their members just committed a terrorist attack in Canada.

A man named Abdul Aziz Kawam got in a fight with someone at a bus stop in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia. Police say Kawam brandished a knife and held it up to the other person’s throat before boarding the bus. Kawam then boarded the bus and immediately got in a fight with another passenger.

As the two people were scuffling, the victim managed to shove Kawam out the back doors of the bus. As that was happening, Kawam pulled his knife again and slashed the man across the throat.
When Transit Police arrested Kawam, things got weird.

They swiftly handed him over to the RCMP, who charged him under Canadian law with committing a crime for the benefit of a terrorist group, namely ISIS. They also charged him with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

The cops have not announced what Kawam said to them, which convinced them he was on a personal knifing jihad for ISIS. However, it must have been convincing. Terrorism charges against individuals are exceedingly rare in Canada.

Hundreds of known terrorists have been caught creeping across our wide-open southern border, as Joe Biden continues to throw all of America’s resources away on Ukraine. We shouldn’t be surprised that the Islamic State has now had two years to rebound after President Trump crushed and destroyed them. The only question is when the attacks will start happening here in the US again.