The WEF’s Insane Plans for Humanity by 2030 – Wear a Uniform, No Privately Owned Cars

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It’s difficult to understate the sheer, bloodthirsty psychopathy of the de-populationists at the World Economic Forum (WEF). If you ever thought that the villains in the James Bond movies were caricatures who couldn’t possibly be based on real people, look no further than Klaus Schwab and the other weirdoes at the WEF.

A report that the WEF put out in 2019 has newly resurfaced, and it makes the Unabomber’s manifesto look pretty reasonable by comparison. Let’s look at the goals that these murderous psychopaths are planning to impose on the rest of the world by the year 2030.

The report is titled, “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World.” The WEF obviously subscribes to the tenets of the globalists’ weird weather cult. They believe in the absurd idea that millions of people will die somehow if global temperatures rose by 1.5°C.

This is a lie that only a stupid or brainwashed person could believe if you’ve been paying attention.

Warmer temperatures will not result in mass death. If anything, that would make life on Earth improve. Temperate zones on the earth would move slightly north and south, and we’d have longer growing seasons, i.e., more food. People don’t generally die when temperatures get warmer.

But we hear sad stories of people dying from the cold every winter, even in advanced countries. When it was discovered centuries ago, Greenland was named “Greenland” because it was green. This shouldn’t be that hard, people.

The “Future of Urban Consumption” document lays out the WEF’s aggressive targets in order to “reduce emissions” by 2030, which would obviously result in the deaths of billions of people and make life on earth unbearable for the survivors.

First, there’s the WEF’s goal for car ownership. The group’s aggressive target for 2030 is to have zero privately owned vehicles left in the world. Car ownership would be a thing of the past, and everyone would have to take the bus.

The globalists’ plans to limit your freedom of movement does not stop there.

They also plan to limit everyone to an allowance of one return flight of no more than 932 miles (1,500 km), once every three years.

You’ll take the bus to visit faraway family members within that distance. Keep in mind that it’s well over 2,600 miles from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US, so you’ll basically have to say goodbye forever to family members on the opposite coast.

It would take too much time and money to make the trip to see loved ones. Not that Klaus and the rest of the psychopaths will stop using their own private jets or driving their Humvees.

The WEF wants to have so much control over your life that clothing will no longer be mass-produced in different varieties and styles. Too much global warming, you see.

By 2030, the WEF plans to have everyone wearing uniforms, like we’re a bunch of Star Trek weirdoes in some socialist utopia. You will only be allowed to purchase 3 uniforms for yourself in a calendar year. Good luck attracting a mate in your new Klaus Schwab-approved unisex leotard, peasants!

Finally, the WEF hopes to force everyone to accept veganism by 2030. There will be no more meat or dairy products available for public consumption. Just imagine what that’s going to do to birthrates.

Sadly, many Western nations have been taken over by the WEF cult. Joe Biden’s catastrophic, economy-destroying policies suddenly make more sense, when you realize that he’s on the same team as the WEF. What—you didn’t think Joe Biden was in charge or coming up with all these ideas, did you?