The Teasers for the Live Action Little Mermaid are Out. Woke or Not?

Trismegist san /
Trismegist san /

The Little Mermaid first stole our hearts in 1989 as an animated Disney film. A blue-eyed, red-haired mermaid named Ariel traded her voice with the sea witch named Ursula so that she could find true love with a human on land named Eric.

Now, the story is being re-told, but it’s a live-action movie – and many feel that it has gone “woke.”

Why? Well, Ariel is no longer a white-skinned mermaid. Instead, she’s being played by Halle Bailey, an American singer with a much darker complexion.

She has a beautiful singing voice but is she not even close to being Scandinavian, which is how the Disney movie originally told the tale.

Is this Disney’s way of conforming so that there can be another Black Disney princess?

Teasers have been shared as everyone within the cast gets excited to show how The Little Mermaid is coming to life. It’ll be out in theaters in less than 100 days.

The cast was predominantly white in the cartoon, but, then again, it’s a cartoon.

Beyond Ariel, you have Javier Barden as King Triton. Eric is played by Jonah Hauer-King. And Melissa McCarthy is playing Ursula.

So, there’s representation from virtually every ethnic background.

We have the trailer here:

What do you think? Is it a guaranteed blockbuster or is it so woke that you won’t bother going to watch it?