The Simpsons Bends the Knee for the Chinese Agenda

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Over the last 36 years, The Simpsons have evolved at every twist of the road. Pivoting for the humor of the masses, their inclusive changes initially were more in keeping with presenting comedy the average American family could understand and identify with. Unfortunately, the country did not keep pace, and now, The Simpsons’ evolution is taking a big swing.

Currently owned and streamed by Disney+ across the globe, the brand has had to make some big deals. With Disney and China having a special relationship, the 2022 classic episode “One Angry Lisa” has been pulled from Disney Hong Kong. The remark about China’s “forced labor camps,” was too much for the communist censors, so they threatened to pull the plug if Disney didn’t pull the episode.

We can’t show you everything, but we did find this clip, as shared by Firstpost:

While they have made ample money off the brand, they still bent their knee to kiss that communist ring.

With licensing deals kicking in for them in the mid-1990s the creators and voice actors were able to make some great income from their cartoons and touch many lives. As the woke voice started to permeate American culture more and more around 2010, the comedic choices they made started to get more in tune with the liberal agenda.

Now, characters like Apu are awaiting a new voice after the woke mob attacked classic voiceover actor Hank Azaria for his depiction of the Indian owner of the Kwik*E*Mart. With Hank stepping down in 2021, he has just been a background person with no lines. To say the owners have sold out would be an understatement at this point.

As old as this may sound, they sold out and it just isn’t the same. The new stuff just isn’t funny anymore.