The Scariest Possibilities Following the Midterms

AF Branco /

The midterms are just around the corner…and that means that we have to look at what we may end up with as an outcome. If the red wave continues, the House may end up with a Republican advantage. That’s great, but the nightmares may still be knocking on your door.

Think about it. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has talked about what would happen if the GOP gets the lead. It’s possible that impeachment papers could be drafted against Joe Biden. And if both the House and Senate can do their job, Joe Biden would be impeached and removed from office.

Good news? Not really. We have to remember that there’s another piece to the Biden administration puzzle: Kamala Harris.

Harris would become president. And don’t think she hasn’t been dreaming about an upgrade to her title. President Kamala could be the scariest possibility. And if any trick-or-treaters really want to go for a scare in their conservative neighborhoods, they might ditch the Freddy Kreuger costume and go right for a President Kamala outfit. It’s enough to keep you up every night for the foreseeable future.

As if that’s not bad enough, we could also end up with Senator Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Depending on the poll, John Fetterman is holding a two-point lead over his GOP competition, Mehmet Oz. As if politics aren’t already scary in Pennsylvania, there’s no telling what a recent stroke victim who also once pulled a gun on a black jogger could do. The kind of power that comes with being a senator should not be handed over to someone who should be in prison.

Yeah, it seems like President Kamala and Senator Fetterman costumes could be the scariest ones in town. And the reality that comes with those titles is even more unnerving.