The Real Reason Ice Cube Refused the Vaccine

Jamie Lamor Thompson /
Jamie Lamor Thompson /

When the COVID-19 vaccines came out, we were all given a serious choice, although it didn’t feel like much of one for some. Either take the jab and put who knows what into your system, or don’t and possibly lose it all.

It wasn’t easy for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rapper Ice Cube.

Getting double, triple, and quadruple jabbed in his line of work was necessary to get gigs, go on tour, hold events, and even hold interviews. It was also required not to be labeled a problem for the leftist narrative that Washington was putting out.

But like so many of you, he was concerned about the vaccine and the lack of time it took to create it.

Plus, as we all know, it’s not like it was all that effective.

And so, if you didn’t already know, he chose to NOT get the vaccine.

Ice Cube explained his choice recently when sitting down with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson for a trip through the rapper’s hometown of South-Central Los Angeles.

He noted that above all was the worry that the vaccines, in their varying forms, might not be all that good for our health. There just wasn’t enough reliable data available to make Ice Cube feel comfortable about taking the shots.

And as a father, he wanted to ensure he was around much longer for his children.

So he waited. The hope, of course, was that data would come out proving they were safe, that he could put in his body and have nothing bad happen – either that or COVID would become irrelevant.

Of course, neither did.

Naturally, more than a few of his colleagues pushed him to change his mind. But he only doubled down.

And as the rapper explained to Tucker, the decision cost him well over $9 million. At the time, he had an opportunity to act alongside Jack Black in the upcoming film “Oh Hell No.” But without the vaccine in his system, he wasn’t allowed.

But for him, it was well worth it.

He saved his dignity, respect of his fans, and possibly his life.

If only everyone were brave enough to stand up for their convictions.