The Real Reason Hunter Biden Started Painting

marekuliasz /
marekuliasz /

If you know much about Hunter Biden, it’s that he’s your typical spoiled rich kid who never learns from his mistakes or takes responsibility for his actions. Even at age 53, he’s still attempting to skirt accountability.


Well, as the mother of his one and only child says, he’s now claiming to be a “starving artist” in an attempt to get out of paying child support and such.

If you haven’t heard, Biden and Lunden Roberts are battling out a support agreement.

Roberts, as the mother of Biden’s child, is only asking for what is owed to her and her child. She also wants the child’s last name changed to Biden, ensuring that Hunter would have to take more responsibility for her.

On the other hand, Biden claims that the amount he’s been forced to pay in child support is far too much. According to him, he’s barely making ends meet as an artist and can’t afford what is being asked of him.

There are just a few problems with this claim, though.

Firstly, as Roberts’s lawyers have pointed out, Biden is not living as a poor, destitute “starving artist.” I mean, this is the same man who just made an international trip with the President of the United States, being permitted to fly on Air Force One, be put up in only the best of hotels, and get waited on hand and foot.

Oh, and just one of his several lawyers charges a whopping $855 per hour.

Besides, if you didn’t know, Biden’s artwork (most of which looks like a child did it) is sold for no small change. For example, recently pointed out that he has three pieces on display at a SoHo gallery. Each is priced at $85,000.

This is just three pieces and at one gallery. He could have dozens more elsewhere, all for similar prices.

Starving, my ass.

Plus, as Roberts points out, it’s a bit odd that he’s suddenly taken up painting in the last few years and supposedly had to give up so much as a result.

He used to make millions in backroom deals with his dad. And now that he’s being forced to take responsibility for something, he’s suddenly changed careers to one that supposedly doesn’t make very much.

Needless to say, neither Roberts nor most of the country is buying his act.