The Internet is Blowing up Over Rumors of Mel Gibson’s Child Trafficking Documentary

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Tinseltown /

The internet exploded this week when the rumors started that Mel Gibson is producing a four-part documentary series on the global child trafficking and pedophilia networks related to Ukraine and Jeffrey Epstein. These rumors started after actor Jim Caviezel announced that his friend and long-time collaborator Mel Gibson had just done the final editing on his new film, “Sound of Freedom.”

Caviezel’s movie is a true story about the global child trafficking trade and former CIA officer Tim Ballard, who now dedicates his time and efforts to rescuing children from this global pedophile network. Gibson financed one of Ballard’s recent operations to rescue a bunch of children from Ukraine right as the war with Russia was breaking out.

Ballard has hinted that he and Mel Gibson have a huge announcement to make very soon. That’s when outlets started announcing that they had spoken to people with inside information who had confirmed the story about the documentary series. Gibson’s publisher says the story is not true, but many think that is smoke and mirrors because it would be incredibly dangerous for him to make a documentary about the global elites who participate in this sickness.

Tim Ballard says that child trafficking is now a $32 billion a year global business—and it has only gotten worse since Joe Biden the Kid Sniffer gave the drug cartels operational control of our southern border.

So, are these rumors of the Gibson-produced documentary true? We don’t know at this point, but millions of people are talking about it on social media right now. It sounds like the kind of project that Gibson would produce at this point in his career. He’s hated Hollyweird for years and has been saying so since the 1980s. We’ll keep you posted if anything new develops on this story!