Texas Rep. Chip Roy’s Going Against the GOP Establishment

Stephen Coburn / shutterstock.com
Stephen Coburn / shutterstock.com

Some are wondering if it’s possible to stand the heat in the Congressional kitchen these days. One of the people generating the heat on Capitol Hill is Representative Chip Roy of Texas.

As Congress moves past the second day of voting and a total of five ballots, there is an interesting story that was heard on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox.

She had Representative Chip Roy on and he was questioned by the host about what the plan was to get somebody, or anybody, to the magic number of 218 votes and make them the new Speaker of the House.

Ingraham told Roy that they had to get to 218 and she asked what the end game was. She also said, “It looks like we could be going to something, in my view, a lot worse than someone who isn’t…who passes an ideological purity test.”

Roy responded, “It’s not an ideological purity test. This isn’t about Kevin, right? This is about all of the assertions being made by Kevin’s camp.”

He then went further to call out the establishment Republicans who have actually at times voted with the Democrats to get done what they want to get done. He referenced the spending bill that Mitch McConnell just jammed through with Democratic help.

“Look, when the leadership actually votes with the minority — votes with the Democrats — to steamroll Republicans, which is the past history of our Republican leadership, then maybe we should do something different,” Roy declared.

Ingraham also said that some moderate Republicans might vote for Democrat Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker as retaliation for McCarthy not getting the gavel.

Roy didn’t even give a nod to that notion saying that it was not a “real” choice.

Rep. Roy seems to be trying to take the air out of the GOP establishment sails on the fly, and the end game is definitely risky.