Target is Now Pushing Satanic Gear…

Jonathan Weiss /
Jonathan Weiss /

Retail giant Target has always been more left-leaning than right. So it was no surprise when they began selling LGBT “Pride” apparel. But now, they’ve taken things even further, including satanic merchandise on their shelves, too.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Target has officially crossed the line, and a very thick one, I might add.

For starters, they’ve included shirts like this one, which is named after “Bible Girl 666,” a transgender social media influencer of all the wrong kinds.

Of course, the main problem here is that the shirt associates the Bible with not only transgenderism but also the mark of the beast. I mean, is there anything more blasphemous?

But that’s not the worst of it.

That comes when we look at who one of the designers of these horrendous fashion choices is.

As conservative Twitter user Scarlett Johnson recently discovered, one designer is a self-proclaimed Satanist. And “their” social media is filled with it.

This “gay trans man” or straight woman, known as “Abprallen,” has pins reading things like “homophobe rest” featuring a guillotine, shirts saying “Satan respects pronouns,” and “Trans witches for abortion.”

And this is who is designing clothing for Target.

Of course, this is the same company that just put swimsuits featuring “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage” on their shelves.

As I said, Target has always been solidly on the left side of the aisle. Like Disney, they’ve been slowly creeping further and further to the far left.

But now they’re just taking things to a whole new level.

While their LGBT apparel might not be enough to hurt the company like Dylan Mulvaney destroyed Bud Light, this more recent descent into literally the ungodly might do irreprovably more damage.