Super Bowl Champ Snuck a Pro-Life Message into the White House

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TaLaNoVa /

As you know, professional athletes have a unique history of sharing and supporting non-sports-related ideology on and off the field. And for NFL Kansas City Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker, that includes slipping a very pro-life message into the White House right under Biden’s nose.

It happened on Monday when Butker’s team, 2023’s Super Bowl champs, were invited to the White House for a visit. As usual, such occasions included some of the team’s star players taking turns at the podium with President Biden himself.

Butker, while present on the stage and even posing in pictures with Biden, didn’t actually speak. But what was written on his tie and the image on his lapel pin spoke louder than anything he could have said.

The silver lapel pin featured two tiny embryonic feet, the actual size of a 10-week-old infant in the womb. The grey tie simply read, “Vulnerari Praesidio.” Yes, that’s Latin. It means “protect the vulnerable.” The pairing was created by the pro-life group Live Action.

And together, the two send a strong message, especially when seen on the White House stage standing next to a not-so-pro-life president.

If you weren’t aware, Butker is what you call a very “devout Catholic.” And no, I don’t mean in the same way Joe Biden supposedly is.

While Biden claims that he carries a rosary in his pocket with him everywhere he goes, his actions at the helm of our nation speak to an altogether different set of ideals and standards.

In contrast, Butker has been a constant reminder of just how we Christians can successfully live IN the world but not be OF it. During his time in the NFL, he has been persistent in offering all praise and honor for each win and successful play to his Creator. He’s even been known to wear a scapular on the field to symbolize his faith.

And now, once again, he has proved to us just how deep his faith goes, willing to even stand on the national presidential stage and support his beliefs.