Stacy Keibler Receives Long Overdue Admittance to the WWE Hall of Fame

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Former WWE Diva’s World Champ and WWE Women’s World Champion Stacy Keibler will be walking the red carpet to take her place amongst the legends in the WWE Hall of Fame in late March 2023. This distinction is reserved for legends of the WWE who have made the biggest impacts on the sport and the pro wrestling community as a whole.

Talking with People Magazine, she outlined her reaction to receiving the news at the beginning of March. “When she told me, I screamed, and tears were in my eyes, and I was completely overwhelmed with just gratefulness.” This kind of legendary achievement isn’t easy for someone to receive and her reaction is one shared by many legends from the WWE when they get the news.

First joining the WWE (then called WWF) back in 2001, her impact on the business was immediately felt in the locker room and out in the squared circle. With the grace of someone who was raised in the wrestling business, she entered with a humble and respectful personality behind the curtain but boldly entertaining in front of the fans. This didn’t come from the wrestling business though. Rather she had been performing since she was a kid.

Now that she has taken a step back from wrestling and performing in general she has a new job that she loves even more.

“I’ve entered into another chapter of being a mom, and anyone with three kids knows that that’s a juggling act, and it’s my full-time job. So I have taken a step back to focus on putting my heart and soul into that. Now because I’ve been a performer since the age of seven, of course, it’s also in my heart, but it’s just something that I’ve kind of taken a backseat to that, focusing on something else.”