So You CAN Sell Beer Without Getting Political

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Bud Light has already made an epic mistake thinking that its target audience was going to be okay with a rainbow-colored beer can featuring a trans woman on it. Dylan Mulvaney has likely never had a sip of Bud Light in all of his (sorry, her) life.

This is Marketing 101. Know your audience.

Bud Light is usually consumed by college students at a frat party. By men on the golf course. And by those who are watching football at home.

Now, the mainstream media is doing its best to guilt people into drinking the beer. Oh, if you aren’t drinking Bud Light, you must be homophobic, right? Nope. Maybe I never liked the low-calorie beer. And having a man who is cosplaying as a woman on the can isn’t suddenly going to change my mind.

However, there are beer companies out there selling their products without succumbing to the progressive agenda. They’re proving that it actually IS possible to sell beer without going political and without enlisting the help of a trans TikTok star.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is taking the all-American route, and they’ve enlisted the help of baseball legend Wade Boggs to get the job done. What’s more American than beer and baseball? Exactly.

RedState tapped into the essence of how beer companies should be marketing: “This is the way to sell beer; sports, personality, humor. There is no hectoring of the beer drinkers, no display of virtue monologues to appease activists. There is not even a mention of a BL fumble. Just a straightforward appeal to an audience.”

We already know that Bud Light is backpedaling as fast as it can. They know that they messed up big time. Sure, there are those within the LGBTQ audience who suddenly buy a 12-pack for commemorative purchases. But those who used to down Bud Light by the 6-pack because it was a Wednesday night have been lost forever.
Now, it might be time to give Pabst a try with their “Cool Blue.”