Skarsgard Won’t Be Pennywise and Social Media Refuses to Accept Truth

Luke W Bryant /
Luke W Bryant /

The movie “It” has caused fear and panic throughout the generations. Stephen King’s novel has been turned into a movie not once but twice – and the revival of the movie resulted in a sequel as well as a TV series.

The series has recently been announced and will be known as “Welcome to Derry.”

As if the thought of a clown hiding in a sewer and luring kids in with red balloons isn’t terrifying enough, a few casting details have been shared.

Bill Skarsgard, who played Pennywise in “It” and “It: Chapter Two” won’t have anything to do with the HBO series.

He announced, “As of now, I’m not currently involved with it.”

He does offer some advice to anyone who does get the role, though: “Do it your own. Make it your own. Have fun with it. What I found pleasurable about that character is how abstract he was.”
The internet is NOT okay with this. Fans of the movie franchise are having a complete meltdown because Skarsgard won’t be playing Pennywise. And from the sounds of it, he wasn’t even considered for the role.

So, who is?

HBO seems rather tight-lipped on that. In fact, we don’t know any actors that have been officially cast in it as of right now.

“Welcome to Derry” was reported to be in development as of March 2022, but there’s still no release date being announced.

And while many on Twitter claim they won’t watch the series if Skarsgard won’t be reprising his role, that’s likely to change. After all, people accepted him even though Tim Curry played Pennywise in the original mini-TV series.

Stephen King had this to say about the series: “I’m excited that the story of Derry, Maine’s most haunted city, is continuing, and I’m glad Andy Muschietti is going to be overseeing the frightening festivities, along with a brain trust including his talented sister, Barbara.”

Now, we just have to wait for a date.