Six Injured As Serial Slasher Races Through Paris Gare Du Nord Train Station

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Arguments about the second amendment have been going on since it was written. While back then the voices of the anti-gun crowd were much more silent, they were still there. As those voices keep screaming out occasionally here, France has just reminded us why it is so important.

The Pairs Gare Du Nord Train Station was turned into a scene of immense panic and bloodshed around 6:43 am Paris Time when an attacker slasher wounded six passengers before being shot by Paris police. Attacking several passengers and one police officer, the attack did not last long, and thankfully the station was not yet at full capacity.

The police officer was the worst injured, with his bulletproof vest being what saved his life after being stabbed in the back. The perpetrator has yet to be named and according to French interior minister Gerald Darmanin is “between life and death” in the hospital.

Hearing Damanin respond with such angst, ferocity, and determination is amazing. He responded like a leader should when one of his own is wounded. Thanking the police “for their effective and courageous reaction” is a message you rarely hear in the US. Then again, this also isn’t a new situation for them. Back in February 2022 a knife-wielding assailant attacked Gare du Nord and was killed where they stood.

All of this comes on the heels of the coordinated attacks of 2015 that have kept Paris as well as all of France on high alert. The coordinated bombings and shootings across the city impacted people across the nation and across the US as well. Nobody ever likes seeing the reminder that evil is real, but it never hesitates to show its face.

With Paris having such a large and well-trained police force, they have spent the money and taken the steps to ensure the safety of their people as much as possible. Then again, sheer landmass alone makes it so they are protecting a much smaller sector of land and can do so more easily. Here in the US the police aren’t always that close.

Getting to see these scenes unfold in front of our very eyes is something that just reinforces our need for the second amendment. While these leftist pansies in DC want to see us become disarmed so they can take full control, it’s an impossible concept to sell. We all see the results of these liberal policies on the news every night. Many Americans are or likely know people who live in areas where the police could take hours to respond in the event of an emergency. It’s those people who need that freedom most.

Many make the case that this is not just talking about the rural parts of the US, but also the inner city as well. Unfortunately, many residents in these areas of the city that the police wait to respond to are unable to legally own firearms. Their decades of voting for these liberal mayors and other leaders have only forced them more into poverty and despair. Yet they’ll never see it.

A stabbing like this should remind people just how crucial the second amendment is. While the French are not traditionally known for their bravery, when they are being attacked by people with knives and nobody is armed to help prevent the stabbings, it’s a very bad scene. There are good answers to this, and there are real answers. Americans chose to found this country on realistic ideas after seeing what happened with countries like France. Take it from them and this latest story, what’s a good answer is not always a realistic answer.