Shoot First, Ask Questions Later? Biden’s Policy for Shooting at UFOs

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Let’s start off by saying that we’re not talking about alien spacecraft. UFOs are just that – unidentified. Of course, they could be alien spacecraft. But they could be anything from weather balloons to Chinese spy drones.

It seems that the Biden administration has a questionable policy about how to deal with UFOs. They’ll shoot them down and ask questions later.

A bit dangerous, don’t you think? We could end up in an intergalactic war with the Klingons if we’re not careful. Or we could take down a research project without even meaning to do it.
Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor, decided to share what some of the parameters were about whether something would be shot down or not. It’s important that we know the parameters, too, especially when it took WAY too long to take the spy balloon down.

Martha Raddatz of ABC had a few questions because something is a bit off with the administration’s approach to UFOs.

Sullivan said that at the request of President Biden, they “Put in place a set of policy parameters for when we would take lethal action against an object to shoot it down as opposed to deal with it in other ways.”

Three weather balloons were taken down with legal action based on direction from a NORAD commander and an abundance of caution. Since then, there have been hundreds of weather balloons that have been allowed to remain in the sky.

So, it’s clear that the set of policy parameters is still not truly in place.

They’ll shoot if it’s convenient for them. And if they shoot down the wrong thing, well, I guess we’ll have to deal with the fallout when the time comes. It sounds a bit like the way that Biden has been doing everything – by the seat of his pants.