Sheetz Gave Customer’s a 4th of July Gift They’ll Talk About for Years- $1.776 Gas

George Sheldon /
George Sheldon /

East Coast convenience store and pizzamaker extraordinaire Sheetz offered the best deal in gas across the nation for one day only. With a gallon of all grades of gasoline coming in at $1.776 for the 4th of July, it was a patriotic way for the company to tip their cap to our historic nation. While ethanol-free gas and diesel fuel were exempt from the pricing, the savings were huge for other grades, and drivers were more than thrilled for the savings.

President and CEO of Sheetz, Travis Sheetz, said in a statement that the promotion was done with the hopes it would help “our customers keep a little more change in their wallets as they travel to celebrate the 4th of July.” This kind of gesture is one rarely seen in American economics and something the American people sure could use.

With the push by President Biden to make Americans switch over to electric vehicles, a discount on dino juice like this could not come at a better time. Even though it only lasted for one day, and only ran as long as stations could keep their tanks full, the gesture meant a lot. Despite his best efforts, Biden has seen gas drop to $3.55 a gallon average on July 3rd, down from $4.87 a year ago.

With 675 locations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, Sheetz is a household staple for many Americans. Last Thanksgiving, their Unleaded 88 was dropped to $1.99 a gallon at random locations during the week to help families stretch their dollars just a little more. Companies like Sheetz see what this does for the average American and are more than happy to help out. They are the backbone of this great nation, and the polar opposite of everything the left stands for.