Several Earthquakes Just Rocked the Globe


Earthquakes have been plaguing the Earth for as long as we’ve started tracking them. And what you might not realize is that there are small earthquakes that measure a Magnitude of 2 or less happening several hundred times a day all over the planet. We just rarely feel those ones, so they don’t make the headlines.

Within the past few days, though, there have been quite a few larger earthquakes to make the news – and many are wondering what in the world is going on.

A massive earthquake that measured 7.8 hit Turkey early Monday morning. It was such a strong quake that it was felt throughout certain parts of Egypt and Syria, too.

The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey is constantly rising – and it’s up to at least 175.

Perhaps the worst of it is still happening as the aftershocks have continued to hit throughout the morning. There have been over 100 buildings to collapse, and so there’s no telling just how severe it all is until it’s possible to start combing through the wreckage.

And Turkey isn’t the only one to experience an earthquake at the start of the week, either.

In Buffalo, New York, there was a smaller earthquake. It measured 3.8 – though parts of Ontario, Canada are reporting that it was as high as 4.2. As if Buffalo needed something on top of their major snowstorm, they’re dealing with the quake. While no major damage has been reported, it is the strongest in that area in over 40 years.

So with so much seismic activity happening around the planet, many people are wondering: where’s the next place to get hit?