Seattle Installs Fentanyl Detectors on City Buses after Junkies Make Drivers Sick

Ian Dewar Photography /
Ian Dewar Photography /

If you live in one of the real parts of America and you’re wondering just how bad life has gotten in large cities thanks to decades of Democrat Party mismanagement, trust us when we say it’s really bad. You wouldn’t want to raise your kids in places like these. The latest example comes from Seattle, where the city is now having “fentanyl detectors” installed on buses.

Too many bus drivers are getting sick from all the homeless fentanyl smokers that are lighting up while cruising around on the city’s zero-emissions “green energy” buses. More than 50 bus drivers filed workman’s comp claims in 2022 after they got sick from hobo fentanyl smoke while on the job. A lot of the drivers got so sick from coming into contact with the toxic, poisonous drug from China that they had to pull over and call an ambulance to help them.

Not to worry, though! The City of Seattle is not installing fentanyl detectors on buses in order to cut down on fentanyl use in public. Instead, the detectors are being installed so that the University of Washington can conduct research in order to “better understand drugs that are being smoked on the buses and trains.”

What?! That’s the priority!?

Because of course that’s the priority. While spending gazillions of dollars to convert their entire bus fleet to electric vehicles by 2035, the city is going to continue to allow people to smoke fentanyl and other drugs on buses. The homeless junkies are not going to get arrested; they’re going to be studied.

The cops say that fentanyl smoke smells like burnt motor oil mixed with peanut butter. (Just like mom used to make!) If you smell it, you should move away from the hobo that’s smoking it, because it can make you sick or kill you. Just don’t call the cops, because they’re not allowed to do anything about it when Democrats are in charge.