Salesforce CEO Admits San Francisco Is Now Completely Ruined

David Tran Photo /
David Tran Photo /

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, is tired of what has become of the downtown in San Francisco, Ca. He has seen the degradation of the city firsthand over the years and now claims the city is “never going back to the way it was.”

He believes that Mayor London Breed needs to authorize the change of offices into reasonably priced housing and hired significantly more police. “We need to rebalance downtown,” Benioff offered. Given the massive decline in traffic downtown, the number of shops being overrun by midday armed robberies, and people just walking in to steal whatever they can get their hands on.

As Fox Business has referenced numerous times, there is a ton of vacant commercial real estate, given how bad crime has gotten.

“The Associated Press reported that office vacancy rates in San Francisco were 24.8% in the first quarter, more than five times higher than pre-pandemic levels and well above the average rate of 18.5% for the nation’s top cities, according to CBRE, a commercial real estate services company… Popular shops like Uniqlo, Nordstrom Rack, and Anthropologie have left, toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste are locked up at pharmacies, and places like Gucci get hit by armed robbers in broad daylight.”

These storefronts are a horrible sight for people to see, and for good reason. Their lax laws have done nothing but encourage a massive uptick in crime. One that has simply resulted in people leaving the city, and even more of the homeless, drug addicts, and failures being allowed to take over the city.

With their takeover going on and businesses being forced to fail, businesses have folded, and people have stopped coming downtown as a result. This just pushes more businesses into closing and ultimately tanks the area even further.

Much like other areas of the country that have found themselves entrenched in a losing battle to keep their small towns going when a local employer leaves, San Francisco is going through the same.

Per the Associated Press, Westfield San Francisco Centre had been a staple of the city for the last 20 years, and is now being handed over to the bank. Like many others, they cite the drop in foot traffic and sales for the decision. They truly felt as if they had no other options.

This is the kind of situation that is encapsulating much of the country thanks to President Biden and the ever-present surge of the liberal mindset. Their politics, way of life, and ideas of a free for all are slowly killing much of the nation. They still cannot understand this, though.

Instead, they try to blame the conservatives for being smart enough to not go along with their way of life blindly.

By getting into this mindset, the city of San Francisco has become the epitome of what a city does not want to become. Empty. Skyscrapers, malls, and shopping strips sit vacant.

Those that are staying open are being forced to hire armed security, put everything inside locked display cases, and they aren’t making the money they need to thrive.

San Francisco has been declining for decades, ever since the hippie movement took the city over, thanks to the Berkley College campus. The epicenter for the peace and love movement has evolved from the simple baked know-it-all college student to the lazy, drug-addicted activist for the homeless that consistently forgets the insurmountable downsides that the homeless bring with them.

As hard as they try to push for more changes and more improvements for the lower class, they have ultimately outpriced the middle class, and the upper class is more than happy to take their ball and go home.

If the city keeps it up this way, the city will become a ghost town by 2045.