Russian TV Mocks Biden in Fake Videos

Anton Watman /
Anton Watman /

As we all know, the point of leadership is strength. But according to a recently released video by Russia, that’s not at all how most of America’s adversaries see us – and they definitely don’t see Democratic President Joe Biden as strong.

Instead, the video portrays him as quite the opposite.

If you haven’t seen the video, it was shared on Twitter on Thursday by journalist Patrick Henningsen. Now, Henningsen didn’t create it. Russia did, or the Russian media outlet Russia Today (RT).

To put it rather bluntly, the whole thing makes a mockery of the United States and her Western allies, at least in how to deal with Russia and the growing tensions there.

Leaders of various well-known democracies such as Germany, Britain, and the US are shown in complete loss and frustration as to the ineffectiveness of their efforts to reign in Russia thus far.

Of course, these are not real images of these leaders, as small print on the bottom of the video claims, these scenes were created with AI technology.

For instance, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is shown spinning a carnival wheel to decide what to do next. Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholtz is looking to ChatGPT. And European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen throws darts at a map.

But it’s Biden, by far, who takes the worst hit.

At the beginning of the video, Biden is literally banging his head against a wall and mindlessly repeating the words “better, stronger, and effective.” Later, he’s shown lying on the floor, supposedly in the Oval Office. This time, he’s saying, “I’m so tired.”

To be sure, it’s not good for any nation even remotely portrayed in the film. But for the United States and Biden, it is indeed a very bad look.

Clearly, Biden is seen as a demented old man, incapable of doing his job, much less getting a clear thought through his head.

And the problem is, the video is all too realistic compared to some of the antics we’ve seen from our supposed commander-in-chief.

Turns out, conservative Americans aren’t the only ones watching…