Romney is Roasted for His ‘National Hot Dog Day’ Video

Maria Dryfhout /
Maria Dryfhout /

If you weren’t aware, National Hot Dog Day recently came and went – all without much fanfare. That is unless you saw Utah RINO Senator Mitt Romney’s clip about the day.

Now, to be sure, the video doesn’t include any sort of fanfare, although it was likely meant to.

Instead, it’s about the dullest melodramatic thing I’ve seen in years.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the primary problem with the whole thing.

Romney took to Twitter to celebrate one of his favorite days, celebrating his “favorite meat.” Instead of celebrating, it both looked and sounded as if he was being held at gunpoint and reading off a script.

He began, “Well, as you all know, today is National Hot Dog Day. And perhaps you also know that hot dog is my favorite meat. I love hot dogs. I love them in buns. I love them outside of buns. I love them with baked beans. I just like hot dogs. It’s the best, you know, best meat there is without question.”

He continued, “So to all of you like me who are celebrating National Hat, Hot Dog Day, congratulations to you, and may there be many, many more hot dogs served in our wonderful land.”

Now, to read this, even out loud, I can imagine some energy behind it, you know, someone exclaiming about how great hot dogs are and why he loves them so much.

However, when you actually watch the video, all that energy is somehow lacking.

Romney says all this in about the dullest monotone I’ve ever heard from the man. And all while wearing a ratty baseball cap he likely ousted from the congressional lost and found and holding a singular hot dog. He’s also in a suit and tie and standing in the middle of a dark hallway…

To be sure, it doesn’t exactly scream enthusiasm or a love of hot dogs.

What it does do is give just about everyone yet another reason to laugh at the failed 2012 presidential candidate and a man who is already struggling to keep his seat in Congress this year.

It’s cringeworthy, to say the least – and no, I don’t just mean because his “favorite meat” is hot dogs…