Rob Schneider Deals Biden a Brutal Blow

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If you know much about famed comedian and actor Rob Schneider, it’s likely that he doesn’t exactly follow the crowd. When it comes to politics, he’s not afraid to make a splash in what most in his industry would consider the wrong direction.

And that makes his most recent endorsement a little confounding.

On Sunday, Schneider posted a snap of himself with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Twitter. The caption wholeheartedly endorsed the legacy candidate for the 2024 presidency.

Now, as I mentioned, Schneider isn’t your average Hollywood star.

For starters, he’s a Republican and an outspoken one. But he wasn’t always. In fact, up until 2013, he was a lifelong Democrat. But about a decade ago, he noticed that the party was no longer what it once was. And he blamed its move leftward on the chaotic state his home state of California finds itself in.

Since then, Schneider has championed many conservative causes, including Donald Trump.

But now, it seems Kennedy earned his favoritism.

Of course, it’s not hard to see why.

While a die-hard Democrat, it’s clear that Kennedy is no leftist. He might be a liberal, but he’s an old-school one. For one, he’s a vaccine skeptic. He also supports gun rights and is against “woke” corporate America’s involvement in government.

And while he supports abortion procedures, he admits that each and everyone is a “tragedy.”

As I said, he’s not at all for the leftward push his party has taken in recent years, which is likely precisely why men such as Schneider are vouching for him. For former and even current Democrats, Kennedy is probably seen as a symbol of hope for the party – that not all is lost quite yet, and perhaps, under the right leadership, it can be something to be proud of again.

Now, it’s clear that Kennedy still has a long way to go before he’s seen as really beating out incumbent Joe Biden for the nomination. But with endorsements like Schneider’s, he’s bound to make up ground fast.