“Ridin’ with Biden” Horse Comes in Dead Last

gabriel12 / shutterstock.com
gabriel12 / shutterstock.com

Every day seems to arrive with yet another embarrassing moment for Democratic President Joe Biden. On Saturday, that came in the form of a horse race, in which a horse with Biden’s namesake didn’t perform so well.

If you are in on the horse racing world, you likely know that South Florida hosted the 2023 Pegasus World Cup on Saturday. While it’s not the Kentucky Derby, the race is still quite a big deal for those in the racing circuit.

Leading up to the race, experts at Horse Racing Nation had predicted that a horse named “Ridin with Biden” would likely come in third place.

However, race day gave us a show that didn’t exactly turn out like that. Instead, a horse named “Art Collector” won the race, beating out fan favorite “Defunded” in a rather shocking upset victory.

As for “Ridin with Biden,” well, he came in dead last.

As one Twitter user pointed out just after the race, the horse seemed to have been aptly named after all, as it could quite easily be seen as a rather startling metaphor for Biden’s performance and job not so well done as our president.

Of course, this is just a horse race, so not exactly all that important.

However, I must admit; it’s hard not to see the comparison here.

I mean, like the horse, Biden was predicted to do big and great things for America. After what they called a tumultuous and divisive four years with former President Donald Trump at the helm, Biden was supposed to be our saving grace.

If you remember, he told everyone that he would make unity a top priority, allowing our nation to heal once again and rise to the top.

But just as the horse did, he’s only managed to fail, and quite miserably at that.

I mean, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the ongoing immigration “crisis,” through-the-roof inflation, crime rates that only seem to skyrocket, and now tensions between a number of our foreign adversaries, including Russia, China, and North Korea.

And those are just a few of the misdeeds laid at his feet. To be sure, there are many more.

Under his guidance, America has lost and lost big. No wonder “Ridin with Biden” came in last place.