RFK Jr. Promises Two Major Anti-Deep State Pardons if Elected

Renato Murolo 68 / shutterstock.com
Renato Murolo 68 / shutterstock.com

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in a really hot place of being elected president in 2024. If we’re being perfectly honest, there’s no way the DNC will let him come even close in their rigged primaries. But we should still be happy that he’s in the race.

Just as Donald Trump says things that horrify the country club leaders of the Republican Party on behalf of everyday Americans, RFK Jr. points out obvious hypocrisies of the Democrat Party that make them squirm. This past week, for example, he called for pardoning Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

Assange and Snowden would be hailed as patriotic heroes in a sane country. If they were journalists who worked at any newspaper or TV station, they’d have won prizes for the horrific government secrets that they exposed. Instead, both are branded as traitors, and sissies like Morning Joe on MSNBC call for them to be executed for their “crimes.”

Julian Assange exposed the fact that the Clintons, the Bushes, and the neocons lied their way into the Iraq War. Edward Snowden exposed the fact that the Obama administration had taken the Patriot Act and turned it internally, to weaponize the federal government against the American people.

It’s a mystery why President Donald Trump didn’t pardon both men. It’s not like he’s friends with any of the people that Snowden and Assange embarrassed. It’s not even controversial to talk about pardoning either one of them any longer. Yet everyone in the DC apparatus hates the two men with a burning passion.

If RFK wants to talk about pardoning Assange and Snowden, we hope he goes for it! The people in charge of the government are so mediocre that they deserve maximum embarrassment for their incompetence and criminal behavior. He won’t win the Democrat nomination, but it will be fun to watch RFK annoy all the right people and make them squirm.