Powerful Ocean Event Kills Thousands of Penguins at Once

Goinyk Production / shutterstock.com
Goinyk Production / shutterstock.com

According to the political left and more than a few “scientists,” the world is coming to an end sooner rather than later – and all because we drive cars, fly airplanes, and heat our homes. They also say the proof is everywhere.

One such example of proof came in late 2022 when a series of satellite images was taken from Antarctica showing a large chunk of ice collapsing and falling into the ocean. On top of the ice at the time was a colony of emperor penguins.

As Yahoo News reported, the timing of the ice collapse happened when thousands of penguin chicks were present in the colony, most quite a ways from growing their waterproof feathers. It is estimated that thousands of chicks died as a result.

Yahoo News explained that this colony of emperors had already relocated once before. But their most recent choice for home seemed to be a bit boxed. So, the ocean immediately took over when the ice under them collapsed, swallowing most whole.

Researchers also estimate that little to no chicks survived in any of the penguin colonies in the surrounding areas. According to some estimations, such collapses and rising sea levels force penguins from their homes and limit habitation on the Antarctic continent. Some say the result will be the extinction of the emperor penguin by the end of the century, if not in a mere 30 years or so.

Of course, the culprit for all this damage is supposedly climate change…

Yahoo reported, “As the planet warms due to the burning of fossil fuels, long-term declines in sea ice are expected.”

To be sure, as humans, we are responsible for taking dominion over and caring for our planet as God intended. However, that doesn’t mean governments have the right to gain more control over us because they believe we are doing things the wrong way.

Natural disasters happen every day – whether I heat my home or not.