Pfizer/BioNTech Sued for Jab Side Effects in Germany

PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek /
PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek /

More than two years after the biggest mass human medical experiment in history, lawsuits are piling up in countries where citizens are allowed to sue Big Pharma companies. The COVID shots have racked up millions of injuries and untold numbers of deaths. Not that you’ll hear about this in the American news media, which is brought to you by Pfizer. In Germany, hundreds of people have filed lawsuits against Pfizer/BioNTech this year after they say they were severely injured by the experimental jabs.

The first landmark legal challenge against Pfizer/BioNTech was finally filed this week in German. The companies partnered to make the Comirnaty shot that has injured or killed millions of people worldwide. The woman who filed the lawsuit against them has decided to remain anonymous, which is allowed in civil cases under Germany’s privacy laws. She’s suing for at least €150,000 ($161,500 USD) in damages.

Reuters reports that the vaccine-injured woman is suing for “damages for bodily harm as well as compensation for unspecified material damage.” The suit says that immediately after she took the COVID shot, the woman began experiencing upper-body pain, swollen extremities, fatigue, and sleep disorders.

The woman is being represented by the law firm Rogert & Ulbrich. The firm says it’s filing vaccine injury cases on behalf of around 250 more people in the coming weeks. Another firm called Caesar-Preller has around 100 vaccine clients who will be suing.

It was only a matter of time before this started happening. While the US Congress has given the Big Pharma companies total immunity from lawsuits (because they’re all bought and paid for), other countries don’t have such protections in place. Rogert & Ulbrich are suing on the grounds that EU health regulators and German vaccine assessment bodies lied about the risk-benefit profile of the shots.

That is observably true. The vast majority of people being injured or killed by the COVID shots are under the age of 50. Unless they have serious, life-threatening comorbidities, these people face a statistical chance of around zero of dying from COVID. The shots, on the other hand, have done a tremendous amount of harm.

The German health ministry announced earlier this year that it was detecting a serious injury rate of nearly 1 in 500 among vaccinated people. Not a mild injury rate, where you get a fever for a couple of days—but a serious injury rate, often with lifelong consequences. That is far more dangerous than the 1 in a million ratio that we used to have in place for a vaccine to be declared safe for public use in America. A 1 in 500 ratio would mean a bare minimum of 54,000 seriously injured Americans from these shots.

Many experts put the injury rate much higher than that, especially in certain age groups. In surveys conducted by the Children’s Health Defense Fund earlier this year, they found that more than half of all American households believed that they personally knew someone who had been killed by the COVID shot. The results were bipartisan. More than half of all Democrat and Republican households said they knew someone who was likely killed by the COVID vaccine.

The medical community hasn’t even gotten around to exploring the sudden explosion in aggressive, terminal, late-stage cancers that are showing up in people. None of these injuries and deaths among the young and healthy were happening at such catastrophic rates before the vaccine rollout in early 2021. It will be interesting to see whether American politicians ever change their tune on this issue, especially as people in other countries begin winning big settlements against the Big Pharma companies.