Patients Turn Up with Severe Microwave Syndrome from 5G Towers

Monika Wisniewska /
Monika Wisniewska /

Remember when Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson got really stoned and wondered if the 5G towers were causing all those cases of myocarditis a couple of years ago? He was sort of wrong. It was the COVID shots that were killing lots of normal, healthy, and young people.

However, he wasn’t entirely wrong. It turns out that the 5G internet/cell phone towers are also causing measurable harm to people. Researchers are now documenting cases of severe microwave syndrome in people who live close to a 5G tower.

Once again, the thing that all of the really “smart people” told us was a “conspiracy theory,” has turned out to be true.

One case study involves a healthy, middle-aged Swedish woman who had a 5G tower installed less than 100 feet from her apartment. Immediately after the installation, both she and her dog developed debilitating symptoms associated with microwave syndrome. Her ailment was just published by Swedish researchers in the Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports.

Hold on, what is microwave syndrome?

The US military and a bunch of Eastern European countries first discovered this back in the 1960s and ‘70s. If a person is exposed to low-level microwave frequencies—meaning frequencies that are not high enough to burn you—leads to debilitating symptoms in the neural, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems. American soldiers whom the government tested non-thermal microwave signals on reported headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, and attention problems.

5G wireless technology pumps out microwave frequency at 3.5 GHz, so the conspiracy theorists were not wrong to be worried about this new technology that was not studied before being rolled out on a mass scale (sort of like the mRNA COVID “vaccines”). 5G wideband started to proliferate widely in 2021, but no scientists even bothered to start studying any possible health effects from it until 2022. Because that’s how we do “science” nowadays.

The Swedish woman quickly developed a wide range of awful symptoms, immediately after the 5G tower was installed near her apartment. She suffered from dizziness and balance problems, headaches, memory loss, confusion, loss of attention span, extreme fatigue, anxiety, coughing, urinary tract problems, skin eruptions, and nose bleeds.

Her dog developed diarrhea immediately after the tower was installed. When she would take the dog for a walk, it didn’t want to go back into the apartment, which was bathing in 5G microwave pulses from the tower across the street.

When the woman temporarily went to stay in someone else’s apartment for a few days, further away from the 5G tower, her symptoms immediately went away. Her dog’s diarrhea stopped, too. But then as soon as she went back to her own apartment, they both got sick again.

5G functions by emitting repetitive pulses of microwave radiation. Researchers went to the woman’s apartment and measured radiation pulses using a commercial RF meter. You can buy one at Home Depot for about $150. The microwave pulses in the woman’s living room maxed out on the meter. The same was true in her bathroom, which had the closest window to the 5G tower. In her bedroom, which was furthest from the microwave beams, the pulses were lower.

This all rolled out in 2021, but the first study of 5G microwaves on animals didn’t appear until October of 2022. The 5G waves hurt the animals. They suffered neurodegenerative disorders in the hippocampus region of the brain, and other problems. Once again, the people in charge lied to us. Just like with the COVID shots, 5G does cause health problems in some people if they live close to the towers. It’s pretty sad when you can get better health and scientific advice from Woody Harrelson than you can from your doctor.