One Rat Leaves Over 1,000 without Power

alexeisido /

No one wants to hear about rats in their home or within their neighborhood. However, except for a bit of droppings and some tiny chew marks, they’re relatively harmless…right?

It turns out that one rodent was able to infiltrate a critical piece of equipment. And now, it is being blamed for over 1500 people being without power in Virginia.

The community of Tysons, Virginia is located in the northern part of the state. Residents were without power for about an hour because of a curious rat that entered the Dominion Energy plant.

Peggy Fox, the spokesperson for Dominion Energy, tweeted out a response so that everyone knew what was going on: “Power Outage in Tysons area tonight was caused by a rat that infiltrated a piece of equipment.”

Fox went on to thank the line workers who were able to make the repairs quickly and safely.

Those on Twitter then had a few good laughs and were quick to name the rat. Some even suggested that cats may be needed to help prevent future power outages.

Since the power was back in about an hour, no one had to be too inconvenienced by any of it.

Dominion hasn’t commented on what they’ll do to prevent future rats from getting too curious around critical equipment. It’s likely that residents in the area won’t want to know, either.