One of These Five Could Re-Take the White House in 2024

Carsten Reisinger /
Carsten Reisinger /

The 2024 Presidential elections are just under two years away, but now is the perfect time to start looking toward the future. The American people cannot wait to start learning about their candidates, and this is sure to be one of the costliest elections on record, so fundraising needs to start immediately.

Former President Donald Trump: Already officially throwing his hat in the ring, and being reinstated on Twitter makes him the clear front-runner.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: He challenged the science of COVID and kept the state of Florida open through the pandemic, now his state is one of the most successful in the nation.
Former VP Mike Pence: While Trump overshadowed his genius in Washington, Pence has the mid-line politics to try and bring both parties together, and many non-party voters love his message.
TexasGovernor Greg Abbott: His hardline attitude towards illegal immigration is a 180* from Biden, and it’s exactly what the country needs after Biden rots the country from the inside out.
Rep. Liz Cheney: After losing her primary in August to a Trump-backed candidate, she could be planning a run for the WH as an alternative to Trump or his people.

These candidates represent some of the best America has to offer. With stark differences, but the best for America and conservatives at heart, any of them could make a fine President come 2024. From now until then, we will see what each candidate stands for and their real vision for the USA.

Of course, there are others who could run, too. Who would you throw your support behind?