Of Course, Carlson Already Has New Job Offers

Gary Varvel / Creators.com
Gary Varvel / Creators.com

If you are a Tucker Carlson fan, you’re likely a bit worried about where you will get your news and the truth he usually adds to it now that Fox News has officially fired him. However, I have reason to believe that you won’t be without for too long.

In fact, he already has a few job offers out there, and all of them would ensure Tucker was still available for you to hear.

The first job offer comes from Glenn Beck, a former Fox News host and Blaze Media’s founder. While not quite in the position of Fox, as a part of mainstream media, Blaze does have quite a listening platform and one that just might be right up Carlson’s alley.

Beck made the offer publicly as part of his radio show on Monday, the same day Carlson was axed from Fox.

As I’m sure you know, pretty much everyone is talking about the shocking Fox move. So it’s no surprise that it came up on Beck’s show, where he spoke to Stu Burguiere.

He aimed the conversation at Carlson, saying, “We would love to have you here. You won’t miss a beat. And together, the two of us will tear it up. Just tear it up.”

Later he added that the firing of Carlson was likely the beginning of the end for Fox. After all, Carlson hosted the network’s most-watched program. In fact, it was the most-watched show in all of America with Carlson at the helm.

But Blaze isn’t the only one making offers to Tucker.

Additionally, it seems that One America News or OAN might be interested in hiring Carlson. And apparently, for quite a bit of money.

In a Monday tweet, the network stated that their CEO Rob Herring wanted to sit down for negotiations with Carlson, inviting him to join their ranks.

Herring himself backs this. According to what he told the Times of San Diego, Herring would be willing to “give him around $25 million. And he would be well worth that.”

Now, it’s not been made clear whether that would be his annual salary or given over a longer period of time. In any case, it’s no small amount of money.

And if anything is apparent, Carlson has no shortage of options for his future. Hell, there are even rumors of him running for president…